2 Youtube Channels To Check Out

I know that time is not something we all have an abundance of, but if once every week you can spare 10-ish minutes of your life I've got 2 pretty cool Youtube channels to knock some film photography wisdom into your head.


1. The Art of Photography

This channel and website from photographer and filmmaker Ted Forbes is one of the best resources for learning more about film photography.  You can find reviews of older cameras, in-depth bios of amazing photographers, how-to guides and even a free give away here and there. 

I'm so happy I found this channel when I first started shooting.  I had a lot of questions (and still do) about not only film, but the cameras I was using.  I watched a ton of his camera reviews and a lot of his thoughts on photography techniques and it helped so much during a time where I really didn't know much at all.  Here's a taste of what you'll find:


2. Matt Day Photo

Matt's channel is similar to Ted's, but seems to be more strictly focused on film photography only. He has less about history of other photographers and more show and tell of how he does his thing along with some great reviews here and there.  I think any photographer could learn from Matt's videos, but those using film will get the most out of his stuff.

I found this channel through The Art of Photography.  Ted talked about his favorite channels, and Matt Day Photo was one of them.  I'm glad he did too, I've learned quite a bit from Matt's videos.  Here's one of my favorites from him: