2 Trips to DC...Lucky Me!

I've had the amazing pleasure of shooting in Washington D.C. twice in the last month.  By pleasure, I mean whatever the exact opposite of that word is.  It has nothing to do with the shoot itself, that went great!  The long flights, the weather and the not so nice people didn't help at all.  We had to stay an extra 2 days on the first trip due to a massive snow storm...that sucked!  At least on the second trip I had the forethought to bring my Pentax 645 with me.  It's amazing how having a camera to take shots of all the cool D.C. stuff made the second trip so much more enjoyable.  Well, that and not being in a snowstorm.  All pics below are from the second trip.  Color shots are Kodak Ektar 100, black and white shots are Ilford HP5 and Delta 3200.